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Disasters in 2007

Posted by Chris Shrestha

Disasters in 2007

The year 2007 was a terrific year for most of the country . Almost each country suffered from weather related disasters for which the United Nations Office for the allocating of Humanitarian Affairs issued 14 exigency petition-3. Listed below are some of the disasters that took place in 2007. Keeping in mind, of course, the individual actions are not necessarily attested in a long-term drift.
  • England and Wales : About 350,000 people suffered disaster which has never been in over 60 years. Both England and Wales suffered a great disaster in May to July.
  • Lesotho : It was a terrific year for Lesotho. Drought and rising temperature destroyed a lot of crops. About 553,000 people required food aid.
  • Sudan : Heavy rains caused 150,000 people shelterless. More than 500,000 received aid.
  • Madagascar : Heavy rains, cyclones and other hazards caused 33,000 people suffered and 260,000 crops destroyed.
  • North Korea : Around 960,000 people were badly hit by widespread landslides, and mud slides.
  • Bangladesh : 8.5 million people were affected by flood and killed more than 3,000 as well as 1.25 million farm animals. Nearly 1.5 million homes were either damaged or destroyed.
  • India : 30 million people were injured by flood.
  • Bolivia : More than 350,000 were effected by floods displacing 25,000 .
  • Mexico : Unbelievable floods at least lead 500,000 homeless and effected more than a million.
  • United States : Fires across tinder-dry southern California lead 500,000 residents to flee from their homes.
  • Dominican Republic: Heavy rainfall caused floods and landslides, leading 65,000 displaced.
  • Pakistan : Cyclones lead 377,000 people homeless and hundreds of dead.


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