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What climate change mean?

Posted by Chris Shrestha

In Our running world, there are lots of problem issuing us. And one of the devastating issue known by every each of us is change in climate scratching our mind to diagnosis its problem. But in my opinion everyone of us has its role to handle it but actually no one is showing their responsibility to climate change.

Climate is friendly words for us. Climate can be defined as some expected weather and when there is a changes in expected weather we call it climate change. Climate change can be understand as opposite of expected weather. As we know climate differs over different time scales or different geographical scales.

Climate change, changing into mainly destruction to our natural weather unlike blessing. This is leading our climate into unpredictable condition which is actually going to suffer to us at long run. Our world temperature has been increasing or decreasing at unusual time since a very long time and scientist has proved that human activities are leading to this problem. So, all blame only goes human and its unnecessary creation because this type of creation produce a lot of harmful gases that acquire in the air and creates a new problem called 'Global Warming'. Global Warming literally means the increasing in the earth's average atmosphere temperature due to the greenhouse effect. Our average temperature has risen so rapidly that it is predicted to damage earth's ozone layer someday. This may lead us to unpredictable condition which neither thought about in the dreams. This not only rises our earth's average temperature but also causes many effects such as glacier melting, increases diseases like skin diseases, sun burn, malaria too, unusual water temperature, increase in drought, hurricanes, and so on.

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