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Individual action against the climate change

As we know, climate change is increasing in so rapid rate that it is nearly impossible to fight against its harm, according to scientist and other intelligence individual action is needed to stop its further defection. Individual action is one of the most essential and effective method to fight against climate change.
  • Carbon diet is one the effective way to know how climate change has effect the environment and to understand some action to diagnosis its impact.
  • Low carbon diet is another way to reduce the climate change impact by choosing the food which effect the climate much less.
  • Using Vehicles that does not emits co2. Running, bicycle is least impactful mode of transportation that will help our climate to free from carbon dioxide.
  • Using mostly non - animal products because animal products produces more greenhouse gases. According to the some intelligence it is known that animal products cause more effects on climate than burning fuels.
  • Using Vehicles that gives more mileage because these cars produce less carbon dioxide than vehicle giving less mileage.
  • Using wind energy is the most efficient method to produce electricity because it produce less amount of harmful gases actually negligible amount of gases. Nowadays, it is being used in various european countries like Denmark, Spain, Italy and so on.
  • Planting trees is one of the famous method to control the climate. Planting trees helps to remove the carbon dioxide as the grown trees sucks up the air co2. There are many places where plants can be grown such as in places like road ways, parks, forests, public gardens, yards and so on. And buying non-old growth paper is better for our climate and as well as for forests.
  • We can see the star label in modern appliances like washing machine, geyeser, household appliances, office equipment, heating and cooling equipment, lights, kitchen appliance and so on. This star label is meant for the less consumption of energy.


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