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Factors affecting to Climate change

Posted by Chris Shrestha

Factors affecting to Climate changeThere are lots and lots of factors responding to climate change such as Air Pollution, excessive use of H2O,Deforestation, sewage, undegredable substance like polythene and so on:-

(1) Air Pollution- There are so many pollution harming our environment due to silly mistaken done by us. For detail smoke produce by factories, industries, burning of polythene led harmful gases that harms our environment directly or indirectly. - Direct is the time when harmful gases produce from such condition enters our body and effects it directly and indirectly is the time when the harmful gases deposits in the ozone layer causing the depletion to it called global warming. This global warming is one of the major problem in our current situation because its causing one of the dangerous diseases i.e skin cancer.
Factors affecting to Climate change
(2) Deforestation- The major gas that needed by human being is 02 which is mainly produce by trees and plants. But nowadays we know there are lots of deforestation going on which can lead to big issue like decreasing in o2 percentage and increasing in co2. Due to this our world is facing a big problem which is also a great factor to climate change.

(3) Sewage- Industries, factories produc
es lots of an energy producing side products like sewage. Sewage actually means a solution or suspension flown away from factories. It contains some of the harmful bacteria and chemicals that can infect human beings, animals and environment too.

These all are the human activities responsing in
the future. But there are also some other factors affecting to climate change naturally like: -
(1) Currents of ocean, sea.
(2) Distance from the sea or ocean.
(3) Winds.

(4) Proximity to the equator.


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