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Evidence for Climate Change

Posted by Chris Shrestha

1) Historical and archaeological evidence
Climate change can be detected by monitoring the changes in agricultural patterns as well as settlement.Various civilizations have collapsed due to to the effects of climate change.

Due to change in climate, there is a change in the type and distribution of vegetation. Faster changes however, may have caused desertification in certain ares.

3)Ice Cores
The study of ice drilled from the depths of the antarctic continent can be used to show the connection between temperature and var
iation in sea level. The air trapped in the bubbles in the ice can be used to find the CO2 concentration of the air and can be compared with the present concentration to note its rise.

Glaciers can be considered be the most concrete evidences of climate change.Glacier retreats leave behind moraines that consist of organic matter that can be accurately dated. This study gives us the proof that glaciers certainly are retreating. Moreover, photographic evidences to prove this phenomena are also available.

5)Study Of Tree Rings
The study of tree rings, also known as Dendroclimatology, is the analysis of tree ring growth to determine the climate variations in the past. Wide and thick rings indicate a period with adequate water as narrow rings indicate a period with low rainfall and harsh growing conditions

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