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Conservation For Climate Change

Posted by Chris Shrestha

Conservation For Climate ChangeConservation for climate change means conserving the natural resources. Both climate and nature are interrelated because if our nature is good then only our climate can be better. So natural recources needs to view their consumption and utilization. Absolute conservation encompasses the quantity and quality of resources such as air water, land, forest, mineral without their declination. The concept of maintaining natural resources in the same quantity and quality is an absolute conservation approach. It is very amiable and critically necessary to follow practicable methods of the natural resources conservation in order to keep the climate humid on balanced.

Conservation For Climate Change The concept accepts the thinking that the consumption utilization and conservation are to be integrated. It is very essential to keep the idea of the necessity of natural resources in the future alert in our mind, while on the contrary, we humans are showing the greedy and in generous behaviour towards the nature by over-exploiting the resources to fulfil our needs. The role of human beings in the conservation and management of natural resources is the most vital. Ultimately this helps to secure or protect natural resources. "Human beings should act as a conservationist but not as an exploiter of natural resources.

Some of the activities related to natural conservation are:

1) Conservation Programme:

2) Government agency:

3) National and international agency

4) Non - government agency

5) Educational institution

6) Law


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