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Climate system

Posted by Chris Shrestha

Before understanding about the climate change around us, we have to know the basic knowledge about the climate and how it has started. Our mother planet(Earth) receive some sort of energy from the Sun which regulates the climate all over the earth. Our earth's climate not only change due to effect of sun but also from the energy that comes within from the earth viz. the atmosphere, the oceans, biospheres, geosphere, land, Ice living organisms which indirectly ulters the heat around the surface of earth.

The atmosphere which plays a great role in the
Climate systemearth's climate. The atmosphere contains a variety of gases like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and so on. But as a days are passing the harmful gases like methane, carbon dioxide are forming in the air along and decreasing the amount of natural gases which is known as greenhouse effect. These harmful gases has a large effects on the energy that regulates the climate of the earth because the greenhouse effect traps a lot of heat in the atmosphere and unable these harmful gases to get of the atmosphere keeping the earth warmer.

The cryosphere such as ice sheets, glacier, sea ice, and so on have a lot significant impact on our earth as it being white reflects the sunlight rays but due to global warming it is melting in a great speed and defecting to absorb the heat. So, without the cryosphere our earth would be more warmer as it traps the heat and would not reflect any heat and consequently increasing the earth temperature.


  1. Aakriti Says:
  2. well written,According to the study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters effects of air pollution are causing 2 million deaths.


  3. You really wrote an awaking blog that will aware to the world from the dangers of Global warming.
    Thanks for the sharing.
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