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Climate change and deteriorating interest of politics

We are very unlikely to see how climate deal in any time closer because the world still hasn't matured enough when global interest are staking. The lack of political will and the differences between the countries has showed that our civilization is not as advanced as many think it is. Humanity has failed to prove itself, benevolent by making the climate impossible to line with.

The science pleads to us to stop emitting much greenhouse gases, they show us various reports regarding climate change in form of ice-melting, animal disappearing, drought and so on. Then we finally observe some weak public support which ends with a false political promise about the neccesity of urgent action.

It is fact that political action can change the rules and laws relate to the climate change such as emission limits of greenhouse effects, tax incentives and so on. Political action is so important around us therefore, it can catch its attention against media and public too.

A large number of people has gather together to combat against climate change and its effect. NGOs(Non- governmental organisations) from different
countries have arrived for the issue of climate change. 50 countries from all around the world has create a program called 'stop climate chaos' launched in Britain which is based on climate change issue. Such campaign are created to focus purely into issue of climate change and to pressurize the government for the climate change movement.

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  1. How can we combat against climate change and its effect? I'm not even sure... Our Mother Nature is pretty unpredictable, unfortunately! After reading this post, I strongly recommend to stop by Thanks for your time!


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